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2017 02 12 23.24.28

Kite Hill Peach Almond Milk Yogurt: Familiar peach flavor is given a unique twist with sweet, nutty flavor of almond milk. Thinner consistency is to be expected from a dairy-free yogurt, but it's special enough to give it a try even if dairy-free is not a strict diet requirement. 3.5/5.0

yogurt almondmilk recommended berkeleybowl kitehill peach almond milk 3.5
2017 01 12 19.03.28

La Croix Peach Pear Sparkling Water: Finally had a can of this trendy sparkling water at a catered event. Concentrated fruit flavor with a tropical vibe - can't say I would have been able to identify it as pear-flavored if I hadn't seen the label, but the peach flavor reminds me a bit of peach gummies. Surprisingly contains no artificial sweeteners. High level of carbonation. Not convinced enough to purchase on my own, but it wasn't bad. 3.0/5.0

drinks lacroix sparklingwater peach pear sparkling water 3.0
2016 10 23 21.48.15

Amande Peach Cultured Almondmilk: On appearance, this vegan yogurt looks familiar, with a peach-colored hue and cubes of peach fruit throughout. When you take your first spoonful, though, you'll immediately sense this is a different product, with a consistency much thinner than normal (I would describe it as resembling a thin soup). The taste is also distinct but will be familiar if you enjoy drinking almond milk: it's nutty and rich. Flavor-wise, I actually liked the combination of almond milk with peaches, though the te... (read more) 3.5/5.0

yogurt berkeleybowl recommended amande peach cultured almondmilk 3.5
2016 09 16 16.30.57

Asha Tea House Peach Black Tea: I had a great drink at Asha Tea House in San Francisco, so I was excited to try another at their Berkeley location. I ordered their peach black tea with boba – I had tried to order their boba last time, but it was sold out. I found the boba to be a bit too soft for my taste, but it had a nice neutral flavor otherwise. The drink itself was refreshing and well balanced, but it wasn't as distinctive as the strawberry black tea I previously purchased. Still, I would come back to try another. 3.0/5.0

drinks ashateahouse peach black tea 3.0 asha
2016 08 24 09.15.27

Wallaby Organic 0% Peach Greek Yogurt: I purchased this along with the previously reviewed lemon yogurt when the product was on sale at Whole Foods. I found the yogurt overall to be so-so. Nothing in particular stood out, either in a bad or good way. 2.5/5.0

wholefoods wallaby organic 0% peach greek yogurt 2.5
2016 08 01 07.25.28

Silk Peach Mango Yogurt: This soy-based, dairy-free yogurt is much thinner than regular yogurt in texture, but the tropical peach and mango flavor is fairly unique. About average for yogurts, and also for non-dairy ones I've tried. 2.5/5.0

silk peach mango yogurt 2.5 soy