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Kabaya Watermelon Gummies: Softer than most gummy candies, falling more towards the marshmallow end of chewy textures, with Haribo on the opposite extreme. Shaped like little watermelon wedges and coated with sugar. Tastes like typically watermelon-flavored candy, which doesn't quite taste like real watermelon but would be recognizable nonetheless. Purchased at a Lawson drugstore. 2.5/5.0

2.5 gummies watermelon kabaya lawson candy japanese
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Kabaya Pudding Chocolate: Purchased this bag of chocolate from the subway station convenience store. The miniature pouch contains even more miniature pudding-shaped chocolates made presumably with white chocolate, since they have this waxy not-real-chocolate texture. They're really cute, though! The flavor does taste like those pudding packs that have a caramel top, or like the pudding you might get with bubble tea, but a very artificial type. 4/5 for the packaging and cute-factor, but only a 2/5 for flavor. 2.0/5.0

2.0 chocolate pudding kabaya japanese