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Lotte Cupcho Doraemon Chocolate Covered Corn Puffs: Cupcho are snacks you can find in konbini (convenient store) in Japan that are accurately named for their plastic cup packaging featuring a popular cartoon character - there seem to be Doraemon and Rilakkuma versions. I didn't know what it was but thought from the picture on the packaging that it was malted milk balls, a flavor I haven't had in a long time but was a favorite of mine during Halloween. Unfortunately, the actual snack was less satisfying – corn puffs similar in texture to che... (read more) 2.5/5.0

lawson kids japanese lotte cupcho doraemon chocolate covered corn puffs 2.5
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Pocky Strawberry Cream Covered Biscuit Sticks: In a special (what I presume to be) Valentine's Day edition, Pocky tweaks its round biscuit shape to produce a heart-shaped cross section. The heart is most visible on the biscuit end, though it looks more like a 45-degree bracket than a heart. On the strawberry-coating end, the heart is nearly impossible to make out. With an impressively long list of ingredients (largely to do with the coating), these Pocky biscuits actually taste no different than the normal strawberry ones. The coatin... (read more) 3.0/5.0

heart pocky strawberry cream covered biscuit sticks 3.0 japanese
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Darrell Lea dark chocolate covered ginger: This box of chocolates contains a gold-colored pouch with bite-sized chocolates. The chocolate coating is thin but substantial enough and encloses a chewy dried ginger interior. The ginger is mildly spiced and very sweet. My only previous experience with Darrell Lea is the strawberry licorice they sell at Trader Joe's, which I like. This candy was about average. 2.5/5.0

darrelllee chocolate ginger darkchocolate australian 2.5 darrelllea dark covered
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Peter Beier Merry Christmas chocolate covered almonds: A beautiful tin from Denmark containing almonds covered in white chocolate and coated with a vivid red powder of freeze dried cherries and cinnamon. The freeze dried coating is surprisingly bitter and sour-I did not guess the fruit on my own. Overpowered any other flavor. 1.5/5.0

peterbeier chocolate almonds cherry cinnamon avoid merry christmas covered 1.5