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Lotte Cupcho Doraemon Chocolate Covered Corn Puffs: Cupcho are snacks you can find in konbini (convenient store) in Japan that are accurately named for their plastic cup packaging featuring a popular cartoon character - there seem to be Doraemon and Rilakkuma versions. I didn't know what it was but thought from the picture on the packaging that it was malted milk balls, a flavor I haven't had in a long time but was a favorite of mine during Halloween. Unfortunately, the actual snack was less satisfying – corn puffs similar in texture to cheese puffs but coated in a thin layer of milk chocolate. The irregular shape of the brown balls make them appear undesirable, like larger versions of what I remember seeing in my hamster cage when it needed a cleaning. Overall, the flavor was so-so; it features a small sticker inside of one of Doraemon's inventions. 2.5/5.0

lawson kids japanese lotte cupcho doraemon chocolate covered corn puffs 2.5