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Chung Chun Rice Dog Sweet Potato Corn Dog: The first time I came across Korean corn dogs was in Shin Okubo, the Korean district of Tokyo. I had wandered into the neighborhood at sunset and was surrounded by neon signs and endless stalls of street food, all labelled in languages I couldn't translate but could generally tell what region of the world they represented. That's how I learned that fried cheese on a stick, and hot dogs covered with deep fried diced potatoes resembling an ear of corn from Willy Wonka, was a popular Korean junk food. At the time, I found the idea of being surrounded by so many people, after being largely quarantined at home for months, to be overwhelming, so I didn't actually purchase anything to eat. But when I saw that the International District in Seattle had Korean corn dogs, and that this particular shop always had a queue, I resolved to try it. This sweet potato corn dog has a thick batter studded with sweet potato sticks surrounding a fairly standard yet still satisfying hot dog core. You're asked if you want to coat it in sugar (I declined), and there are about 6 different sauces you can choose to top if off with. It took about 15 minutes to get the corn dog (it seemed like it was one Korean woman making them to order). I decided to try it on its own and found it to be extremely filling, the type of heart-stopping food I want to sample in a single bite, not consume in full. It's like if you mixed sweet potato fries with a savory hot dog and conveniently skewered it to keep your hands free of the deep-fried batter. I can understand the lines – it's affordable and satisfying in its unapologetic unhealthiness. 3.0/5.0

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