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Pringles Takoyaki Flavor: These special edition Pringles were originally released in the Kansai region of Japan, but I was able to find them at an Odaiba vending machine in Tokyo. With the vending machine, you pay 200¥ (about $2 USD) and press a button to randomly get between 1 and 3 mini Pringles cans. I ended up with one but luckily still received the flavor I was looking for, which is meant to resemble the Japanese street snack takoyaki, battered octopus meatballs drizzled with mayonnaise and a sweet and tangy brown sauce along with bonito flakes. The underlying flavor is fried potato, similar to any other Pringles chip, but it does manage to capture the sweet vinegar taste of takoyaki sauce, even if it doesn't taste of seafood. Kind of like a Japanese taste on barbecue sauce with a sweet and savory combination. Overall, I found it to be pretty good as far as Pringles go, though it was a bit pricy for the size. 3.5/5.0

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