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Oreo Crispy Sakura Chiffon Cake Cookies: In Japan, oreos do not come in their more familiar resealable pouch packaging and instead come in boxes with individually wrapped tubes; in this box, there are 3 tubes of 8 cookies. The Sakura Chiffon Cake filling is slightly tart and definitely tastes different than regular Oreos, but I don't know if I would identify it as cake-like. That being said, I've never had Sakura cake before, so maybe this is more accurate than I can personally judge. The closest comparison I can make is a very ... (read more) 3.0/5.0

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Cadbury Oreo flavored dairy milk chocolate bar: Supposedly British chocolate is less sweet than American, but I found this milk chocolate to be far too sweet. That combined with the already sugary Oreo results in an OD. Oreo bits are Oreos. 2.0/5.0

cadbury chocolate oreo milkchcocolate flavored dairy milk bar 2.0