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Marusan Sweet Potato Soy Milk: Similar to Taiwan, there are a lot of flavored milk products on the grocery shelves. I decided to give a few a try. This one is a sweet potato-flavored soy milk that seems to only come in juice boxes, probably meant for kids. It does taste like sweet potato, but it's extremely sweet and as a result hard to finish even for a small juicebox. Imagine the pumpkin-flavored desserts you get in the US around Thanksgiving, but sweet-potato flavored. 2.5/5.0

juice japanese Daiei marusan sweet potato soy milk 2.5
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Marusan sesame honey soymilk: Taste is reminiscent of black sesame porridge you can buy in powder packets. All three flavors are present (black sesame, honey, and soymilk) but fail to work together. Very sweet, strange flavor overall. Not recommended. 1.5/5.0

marusan japanese drinks soymilk avoid blacksesame 1.5 honey soy sesame

Marusan litchi soymilk: Japanese soymilk juicebox flavored with litchi. Neither juice nor soymilk, this strange combination is overly sweet. Despite listing 3g of sugar, the drink contains sucrolose, an artificial sweetener. Overall, one of the more unpleasant drinks I've had recently. Don't be like me and fall for the cute packaging. 2.0/5.0

marusan japanese soymilk litchi lychee drinks 2.0 avoid