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Kirin Sekai Kitchen Salty Litchi Drink: A surprisingly refreshing and balanced drink that's like an Asian version of salted lemonade. The salt takes a bit of the edge off of what could otherwise be very sweet litchi juice in the same way that salted lemonade doesn't taste salty. Has a milky semi-translucent color. Worth a try! 3.5/5.0

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Marusan litchi soymilk: Japanese soymilk juicebox flavored with litchi. Neither juice nor soymilk, this strange combination is overly sweet. Despite listing 3g of sugar, the drink contains sucrolose, an artificial sweetener. Overall, one of the more unpleasant drinks I've had recently. Don't be like me and fall for the cute packaging. 2.0/5.0

marusan japanese soymilk litchi lychee drinks 2.0 avoid