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Grom Strawberry and yogurt popsicle: Popsicle half dipped in a tangy yogurt followed by freshly sweet strawberry. Like their ice cream, the popsicle uses no artificial ingredients. I preferred the strawberry half, but the yogurt became more pleasantly tart the more I ate it. Purchased from their West Village shop. 3.5/5.0

3.5 popsicle yogurt strawberry grom dessert icecream recommended
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Grom torroncino gelato: I've been to Grom in NYC and also in Paris, but I was excited to try it in its originating country: Italy. During my trip to Trento, I bought the most Italian flavor I saw: torronico. The gelato is creamy and rich, and they mix in bits of almond nougat that are crunchy and nutty. The best part was definitely the texture; overall, the flavor was just a tad too sweet. I've heard from the locals that Grom has lost a bit of its artisanal street cred because of its recent acquisition by a large c... (read more) 3.5/5.0

trento italy 3.5 gelato icecream torrone torroncino grom recommended