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福丸饅頭 Kusa Daifuku : This mochi is from a small confectionary shop in Yanaka, Tokyo that serves a variety of fresh, seasonal mochi. I purchased this green mochi thinking it was matcha-flavored, but it’s actually made of mugwort, a type of medicinal plant of Chinese origin. It has a slightly bitter flavor that’s not at all sweet, like a mix of spinach and peppery parsley. It reminds me of a green smoothie in that people would enjoy it as a dessert, but it’s mostly savory. The texture of the mochi was perfect ... (read more) 5.0/5.0

5.0 daifuku kusa mochi japanese exceptional
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Minamoto Kitchoan kinkan daifuku: Light yellow mochi filled with white bean paste and a whole kumquat. Fantastic citrus flavor. Intense, juicy kumquat. Mochi to filling ratio is perfect, as was the amount of sugar. 4.5/5.0

mochi kumquat exceptional japanese minamotokitchoan kinkan daifuku 4.5
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Daifuku sesame mochi: Mochi texture is somewhat tough and thick, and the filling is grainy and dry. The mochi is covered in sesame seeds. Flavor is overly sweet yet non-distinct. Very disappointing mochi. 1.0/5.0

mochi daifuku sesame japanese avoid hmart 1.0