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Shake Shack ChickenShack: A Brooklyn-only, limited edition specialty, the New York-based burger chain pays homage to Southern fried chicken and does it successfully. The white meat fried chicken is remarkably moist, and the fried coating is lightly seasoned and spiced. This classic chicken sandwich is paired with classic accompaniments, including lettuce, pickles, and an herb mayo. The Martin's potato bun is the same as what you find with the burgers: slightly sweet and in good proportion to the meat. As a burger person that never opts for a chicken sandwich, I was very impressed. P.S. I previously reviewed the Shake Shack surf 'n turf burger, which I now regret as it is not quite a snack. I will review this sandwich as well as the corresponding one from Fuku and will then retire from reviewing non-snack items. 4.0/5.0

shakeshack chickenshack chicken friedchicken brooklyn recommended 4.0