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Mont Thabor Ohina-sama Pastry: This week, I moved to a new part of Tokyo and left Azabu-Juban, the neighborhood I was living in for 3 months. One of my favorite parts of Azabu-Juban was its variety of small historic businesses: there was the original taiyaki shop, a nuts and beans shop that's over 100 years old, and this bakery, Mont Thabor, that opened in the neighborhood 40 years ago and has since expanded to several locations. The bakery overall was a solid neighborhood bakery - the prices are reasonable, and the product is generally pretty good, though I've definitely had some duds. Overall, a solid 3.0. I went a handful of times and never got a chance to write up reviews of many of its pastries, so here are a few. This one was a special bread made for girl's day in Japan (March 3rd). It consists of two buns joined at the center; the green half was filled with chocolate cream, and the pink half filled with strawberry cream. The bread itself was kind of like a glazed roll, slightly sweet (though most of the sweetness came from the filling), and the bottom half of the bread had a toasted crumbly exterior similar to melon buns. The picture here was what the pastry looked like coming out of my backpack after going through airport security, so trust that the bread was more nicely presented when purchased from the shop. Overall, I liked it and it was one of the better things I had from the shop. 3.5/5.0

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