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YBC Aerial Roe Butter Flavored Chips: It is very rare for me to come across a snack that is fundamentally different than any I've had before, and this fried Japanese corn snack is one of them. I found it at Weica, sort of like a CVS, which has an impressive stock of junk food. These chips consist of multiple crispy layers, each uniquely shaped probably due to the irregularity of the manufacturing process. Each square is about the size of a Wheat Thin in area. The separated layers gives it a light crispy texture unlike any snack I've had. Flavor-wise, it's very similar to American Bugles and tastes mostly of oil even though it's not greasy, but this particular bag is lightly flavored with roe, which gives it a savory seafood quality reminiscent of shrimp crackers but more mild. Definitely want to try the other flavors! 4.0/5.0

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