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Clio Strawberry Greek Yogurt Bar: This is a really intriguing take on a chocolate bar alternative, consisting of a solid strawberry-flavored greek yogurt filling (its texture set somewhere between nougat and frozen yogurt as its refrigerated, but not frozen) coated with a thin shell of chocolate. Though it's fairly high in saturated fat (6g), it's overall healthier than a normal chocolate bar, with less sugar (10g sugar) and an impressive amount of nutrients (8g of protein, and over 100% of your daily recommended Vitamin C). The yogurt itself has a good tart berry flavor, and the chocolate has a nice snap to it. And, as a snack, the portion size felt just right. Would definitely try other flavors. Purchased for $1.50 at the Park Slope Co-op (though the prices are subsidized there, so I imagine it'd be a little bit more at normal grocery stores). 4.0/5.0

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