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Mango Mango Mango Sampler: Purchased from the St. Mark's location of asian-dessert-chain Mango Mango, this platter contains a sampling of three different desserts. The first was starchy and slightly too firm glutinous rice balls paired with fresh mango fruit (the latter of which was ripe and sweet). The next was lychee jelly (very sweet and similar to the type you would expect to be at the bottom of a bubble tea) and a scoop of mango ice cream, which was a tad creamy and did not tasting distinctively of mango. The last bowl contained some more fresh mango (same assessment as the first), and a single mango mochi, which may be the single best mochi I've had in NYC and surely one of the best I've ever had (and mochi is my favorite dessert). Dusted with coconut flakes, with a supple and supremely chewy texture, the plump mochi was pretty much as good as it gets. If I were to come back, I would just get the mochi all the way. 3.5/5.0

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