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Meet Fresh Sweet Potato Tofu Pudding: Meet Fresh is a sweets shop from Taiwan serving a variety of hot and cold desserts combining classic toppings such as mung bean, taro, and barley, along with glutinous rice balls, boba, and other chewy treats. Their first New York City location is around the corner from Cooper Union. I ordered the chilled version of their tofu pudding with sweet potato, which came with a small mound of ice, all swimming in a lightly-sweetened honey water. The sweet potatoes came in homely, large chunks, and the tofu had a slightly grainy texture, tasting a bit like Taiwanese soy milk but largely lacking in flavor. The tofu does not taste sweetened at all, while the sweet potatoes seemed saturated by the sweetened soup. Overall, I just found this entire dessert to be so awkward. It tasted of all its independent ingredients thrown together, none of which were very good on their own. 2.5/5.0

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