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Annie’s Organic white cheddar bunny tail puffs: I haven’t purchased boxed mac and cheese since I graduated from school, but I’m not ashamed to admit that this cheap and quick staple was a regular in my pantry all throughout college and grad school. I generally preferred the white cheddar kind, like the white cheddar shells from Trader Joe’s and the Yummy Cheese flavor from Annie’s. Recently, I found that Annie’s is actually owned by General Mills, which gave me some pause when considering whether to purchased this snack. But given how much I like their Yummy Cheese boxed mac and cheese, I figured this might be good nonetheless which turned out to be the case. The cheese is very similar to the powdered cheese in their macaroni; distinctly sharp, it tastes more like real cheese than most powdered cheese. And the puffs have a unique texture both crispy and light, with a more substantial bite than other cheese puffs. Overall, this cheese snack stands out among the competition. 4.0/5.0

4.0 puffs tail bunny cheddar white orange annies cheesepuffs cheese recommended