2017 08 26 19.09.44

Uji Pineapple softserve in small taiyaki cone: Two exciting updates on the Uji-front (my favorite soft serve spot in Berkeley): they now have "small" sized taiyaki cones, which are ideal (you still get a ton of soft serve, and it's about $5), and the new seasonal flavor is pineapple. The taiyaki cone is as good as ever - a fish-shaped waffle that's crispy on the outside and soft and chewy inside, with a surprise of red bean plugging the bottom. It's the ideal serving vehicle that holds up especially well compared to regular cones (it doesn't break, and it doesn't get soggy). The pineapple softserve has a remarkable similarity to the Japanese drink Calpico, with a tart and sweet yogurt-like taste. Its texture is more similar to sorbet than their own creamier classic flavors (like black sesame or matcha). The pineapple flavor itself is tropical and somewhat subtle, yet refreshing all the same. A delicious summer treat! 4.0/5.0

ujitime 4.0 cone taiyaki small in softserve pineapple uji japanese berkeley icecream recommended