2017 06 16 21.13.08

Secret Scoop Thai Gelato Thai Iced Tea and Roasted Coconut Gelato: Just a few paces away from the Trader Joe's in Berkeley is a small ice cream shop specializing in Thai-inspired flavors ("Thai Gelato" refers to the unique flavors rather than a specific style of making gelato). Their curated set of gelato and sorbets range from chocolate lemongrass to soursop, originals you're unlikely to find elsewhere, even in a diverse, food-minded community like Berkeley. The Thai iced tea gelato is easily the best I've had; it's very lightly sweetened and tastes strongly of black tea but with a smooth and creamy finish. There's an amazing amount of concentrated coconut flavor in their roasted coconut gelato, like a refined version of the red-foiled coconut candies I had growing up. The texture is just a tad icy if I had to point out one flaw, but this is easily the best ice cream in Berkeley and definitely worth seeking out. You can optionally add sticky rice to your ice cream, which I look forward to getting next time I stop by! 4.5/5.0

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