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Wiz Bang Bar Smith Teamaker Big Hibsicicle Sherbert: In the Pine Street Market, an indoor food hall in downtown Portland, is a soft serve and sundae bar named Wiz Bang from Salt & Straw, the ever-popular ice cream shop that has branched outside of the city to several LA and San Francisco locations. Central to Salt & Straw's success is their ability to strike a chord between the familiar and unexpected, with comforting flavors that are also intriguing and sometimes daring. The soft serve that I ordered, the Smith teamaker big hibiscicle sherbert, had a muted lilac color and smooth, creamy consistency. Combining floral ingredients like hibiscus, rose, and elderflower, along with spices like sarsaparilla and ginger, the flavor was unlike any I have had before (which is rare for me, given the number of snacks I've eaten in my lifetime). I would describe it as tangy pomegranate mixed with earl gray and a bit of gingersnap, though the flavor evolves as you taste it. Definitely worth a try. 4.0/5.0

4.0 sherbert hibsicicle big teamaker smith wizbangbar saltandstraw portland icecream softserve recommended