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Chex Mix Bold Party Blend: I’ve been finding myself making most grocery trips past 8pm, when Berkeley Bowl closes, which means I’m resorting to Safeway more frequently than I would like. That also means more normcore snacks and returning to foods that I haven’t purchased since before college. This bag of bold flavored Chex Mix was bought on one of those trips, combining deeply savory Worcestershire seasoning with your classic cracker mix (everything you find in normal Chex Mix). It’s salty and crunchy with a dangerous... (read more) 3.5/5.0

3.5 blend party bold chexmix recommended
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Food Should Taste Good peppercorn blend brown rice crackers: After I gave the last box of brown rice crackers from FSTG a perfect 5.0, I was eager to try another flavor from the line. These peppercorn crackers are well balanced, a challenge with an ingredient as potent as peppercorns. Similar to the last I tried, the texture of the crackers was light and crunchy. However, overall I found this flavor to be less special and memorable than the red pepper chips. That isn't to say that these are bad by any means, but it's not a flavor that I see myself eve... (read more) 3.5/5.0

fstg foodshouldtastegood crackets brownrice pepper peppercorn 3.5 blend brown rice crackers
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Sunsweet Amazin Berry Blend: Mix of dried plums, cranberries, cherries, and blueberries. The berries have a waxy coating that leaves your hands feeling greasy. The plums are cubed and have a similar texture to fruit leather. Flavor-wise, it's a decent blend and less expensive than many alternatives. 2.5/5.0

fruit driedfruit cherry plum blueberry berries cranberry sunspot sunsweet amazin berry blend 2.5