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il laboratorio del gelato sorbet and gelato: I've known about this spot for some time because many restaurants in NYC offer their ice cream, but I never had the opportunity to give it a try until now. Located directly next to Katz's, the place has a bit of a clinical science lab vibe, with chemical abbreviations for each flavor and minimalist furnishings. The shop has a distinctly neutral scent. I think it's because there are no toppings, which I appreciated. It's really solely about the gelato here. I shared four different flavors, and they were all excellent, particularly the ginger gelato and honeydew sorbet. I've had my fair share of ginger ice cream, and this might be the best I've had: the spiciness is sharp and unadulterated, yet not overpowering for what it is. The honeydew sorbet was perfectly refreshing. Two other excellent scoops (below the honeydew and ginger and thus not pictured) were the green tea and strawberry gelato. Overall, I was very impressed by how clean the flavors were, and the texture was consistently excellent. Other flavors sampled, including the sweet potato, Turkish fig, and salted caramel, were equally great. My new favorite ice cream shop in NYC. 5.0/5.0

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