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Yoku Moku Rolled Cigares: In Japan, there is a very strong culture of giving gifts to people you work with. There were several times when I found myself purchasing gift boxes from depachika, the underground food courts in Japanese malls, where you can find everything from boxed chocolates, rice crackers, cookies, and candies in beautifully ornate boxes. I would usually browse all the stalls before picking a few I thought looked the most delicious (which was both very hard, because there were so many options, and quite fun because of how much design goes into Japanese packaging and displays). I bought a lot of different brands as gifts to my boss, secretaries, and work colleagues, but I basically never ate them myself. There was one brand, though, that I had tried back when I was a student at the MIT Media Lab, as we had many sponsors from Japan that would bring gifts with them on their visits. This brand, Yoku Moku, was my safe bet when I was overwhelmed by all the other options I couldn't quite decipher, especially since I can't read Japanese – because I had tried it myself, I knew it was up to my own snack standards. I was very happy to see that Uwajimaya, the Japanese grocery chain in the Pacific Northwest, has a special stand for holiday treats from Japan, and they had the famous Yoku Moku cigares. These are rolled butter cookies that are slightly toasted on the edges and have a flaky yet rich texture that melts in your mouth. I splurged on a $30 box that contains 20 individually wrapped cookies. It was well worth it. 4.0/5.0

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