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Happy Lemon Bubble waffle: There are several Happy Lemon shops in Seattle and one right in the middle of Amazon’s campus. It’s central location to downtown always gives it a sizable line, mostly because of the popularity of their bubble waffles, a snack I hadn’t yet seen at other locations I’ve been to (the last one I went to was in Shinjuku Tokyo about a year ago). They come in a few flavors including original, chocolate, Oreo, and matcha and are sized for sharing, though I have to admit I ate this one by myself over a few servings. It comes out extremely hot, straight from the griddle, and has a delicious crispy exterior and chewy, mochi-bread-like center inside each bubble. The flavor itself is like a light vanilla crepe. It’s especially delicious and is now something I always want to get when I go to Happy Lemon! 4.0/5.0

recommended dessert happylemon bubble waffle 4.0