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Trader Joe's Pumpkin Pie Spiced Ginger Brew: While a seasonal pumpkin pie TJ's item is understandably out of place in the middle of Spring, I was lucky to get to try this item many months after it was on the shelves because a friend saved it for when I returned to the states. Being outside of the US last fall meant I missed the hit-or-miss frenzy of pumpkin flavored things at Trader Joe's. This bottle of pumpkin-pie spiced ginger brew looks substantial but actually only contains two servings and contains no actual pumpkin; instead, it has a mix of spices like cardamom, nutmeg, allspice, clove, and of course, cinnamon, that are reminiscent of the fall. The drink surprising does capture a remarkable balance between both ginger and autumnal-spiced flavor, though the spiciness level is definitely on the mild side. I enjoyed it and could see it pairing well with other sweets, though I have a hard time imagining it mixed with savory snacks. 3.5/5.0

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