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Calbee 大人の ポテリッチ カマンベールベーコン味 Camembert Bacon Flavor Potato Chips: According to the press release for this limited edition flavor, Calbee introduced a line of ポテリッチ "Potato Rich" chips for adults in October 2020 partially in response to the trend of increased drinking at home due to the pandemic – these chips are meant to pair well with alcohol. The combination of meat with cheese was surprising to me, and as far as I know is not actually something that's done here in Japan. The actual flavor is a combination of bacon and camembert, and you can definitely taste the slightly funky cheese flavor and salty, meaty aftertaste, and there are flecks of black pepper that give it heat. They managed to captured the smoky flavor of bacon quite well, even if I can't say I would immediately identify it as pork. The chips are very similar to Ruffles; ridged and much thicker than normal Japanese potato chips. I'm not sure how I feel about them overall – definitely memorable but not exactly tasty. Purchased at Lawson. 3.0/5.0

chips japanese camembert bacon lawson calbee 大人の ポテリッチ カマンベールベーコン味 flavor potato 3.0