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Uchi Cafe Sakura Dacquoise ice cream sandwich: I am going to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow so I got an ice cream sandwich from the Lawson convenience store to celebrate. This is a Sakura ice cream sandwich that's meant to resemble a French pastry (Dacquoise); it consists of sakura-flavored ice cream with a thin layer of strawberry jam sandwiched between two flaky biscuits that have a crumbly costing almost like a glazed sugar cookie. I had the dessert about 10 minutes after getting it from the freezer, which seemed like the perfect amount of time for the ice cream to soften. The biscuits have a great texture that didn't crumble or fall apart easily while consuming yet still had a unique soft yet flaky texture. The ice cream was pleasantly sweet, and the strawberry jam was nice and chewy. The whole dessert wasn't too filling, at 125 calories, yet still felt like a good value at $2. Surprisingly great convenience store pick! 4.0/5.0

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