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Meyers Bageri Cinnamon Roll: On my recent trip to Scandinavia, the one item I was on the look out for was cardamom buns. Unfortunately, a handful of the bakeries I tried to go to didn't work out. Most of them were closed for the month of July as part of their summer holiday (could you imagine if people did this in the US?!), which I only sadly discovered after going to them in person. It was a reminder not to trust Google Map opening hours as bakeries often share that they're closed through their Instagram feeds. Bageri Petrus in Stockholm, Juno the Bakery in Copenhagen, and the first Meyers Bageri we went to on Kongensgade in Copenhagen were all closed; Mirabelle in Copenhagen had baked goods but their daily assortment did not include cardamom buns when we went. Luckily, I was able to make it out to a Meyers Bageri that was open in the Nørrebro neighborhood in Copenhagen on my last day, during a 10-hour layover in the city. They didn't have cardamom buns, but they had a classic cinnamon bun, twisted and layered, with a glazed exterior and buttery, soft baked interior. It was a satisfying final treat, though I did find it overall to be on the sweet side. I'm *pretty* sure I can get this at Grand Central Terminal in NYC, but I'll ignore that fact for now and take a little bit of pride that I was able to finally get it from its native source. 3.5/5.0

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