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Bricolage Crunchy coconut curry beef chips: On principle, I typically don’t write reviews of snacks at sit-down restaurants (my current working definition of a snack is an item that by itself is not a full meal and can be eaten with one hand on the go - I know it doesn’t work for everything I review here, but that’s the best I’ve been able to come up with). But the crunchy coconut curry beef chips from Park Slope-based Vietnamese gastropub Bricolage are too special not to review. Razor-thin slices of beef come in a fun resealable package. The snack falls somewhere between a chip and jerky, with the beef dried out I’m assuming in a dehydrator and topped with coconut shavings that have adhered to the chip itself. It is an intensely sweet and savory snack, with just the right amount of heat, that is unlike anything I’ve ever had before. Undeniably delicious, I highly recommend coming to Bricolage just for this snack, though I’ve never had any dish at the restaurant that’s less than very good (many are exceptionally so). 5.0/5.0

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