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Matcha Cafe Maiko Matcha soft serve with matcha powder and mochi: According to the Matcha Cafe Maiko website, the San Francisco shop located in the Japantown center is the first to open in the "American mainland," with an original location in Hawaii. Its matcha products are imported all the way from Harima Garden in Kyoto. While the menu features their matcha soft serve, they have a surprising variety of lattes, floats, and other beverage pairings as well. At $5.50, their soft serve is a bit steep for a single serving, but it has a concentrated herbal flavor that is unmistakably matcha, with its slightly bitter aftertaste. It's probably the strongest matcha flavor I've had in any ice cream to date. Their mochi, which costs $0.50 each, is dense yet supremely chewy. It's also creamy but not overly rich and has a consistent texture. If you're a fan of matcha, you will no doubt enjoy this dessert. 3.5/5.0

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