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Lu Raspberry Paille d’Or biscuits: It’s rare for me to come across a snack that bears little resemblance to anything I’ve eaten before, but this raspberry flavored “cookies” fall into that category. Literally translated as “golden straws” the cookies come from Lu, a popular French biscuit brand. The cookies come stacked in individually wrapped package, laid out in a row of three you can break off similar to a 3-prong Kit Kat. The exterior is flaky and somewhat reminiscent of a wafer, but more styrofoam-like in texture and non distinct flavor. I’ve had Japanese mochi snacks with a similar coating. Inside is a tart raspberry filling with a sticky consistency, almost like a sliver of fruit leather. You can pretend you’re playing a pan flute when you’re eating this snack because it essentially looks like a miniature one with cylindrical columns. This snack is neither good nor bad. It’s not overly sweet and it eats a bit dry. I don’t regret purchasing it but I wouldn’t ever crave it. 3.0/5.0

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