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Brothers Freeze-dried fruit crisps Fuji apples with cinnamon: Freeze dried fruit is a modern-day convenience, a space-age snack that has trickled down to everyday consumption. I find that certain types of fruit benefit from the resulting crispy and brittle texture more than others; soft berries seem to lose their sweetness while their tartness levels receive a boost, but fruits like mangoes are transformed into portable, snackable spears with a condensed tropical flavor. These Fuji apple crisps from Brothers are an example of a successful freeze-dried fruit. Apple slices have a crispy texture that dissolve easily in the mouth, and a dash of cinnamon makes the snack reminiscent of apple pie. True—you are paying >2x as much for a single serving of fruit compared to a real apple, but for the distinct texture and cinnamon flavor, I think this snack is worth it. 4.0/5.0

4.0 cinnamon apples fuji crisps freeze-dried brothers freezedried fruit recommended