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Golden Gate Bakery Egg Cupcake: No surprise that lines at famed San Francisco bakery Golden Gate Bakery were long for Chinese New Year, but I still didn’t expect it to take 80 minutes to get egg tarts. At around 6pm, the owner started rationing; no single person could order more than 2, for fear she would run out. The eggtarts were as good as ever, but waiting this long necessitated making another purchase, this time for an egg “cupcake,” seemingly made just of egg, flour, sugar, and oil. It was very lightly sweetened, sof... (read more) 3.5/5.0

3.5 cupcake egg goldengatebakery sf recommended
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900 Grayson Mochi Cupcake: Of the recent offerings at Berkeley restaurant 900 Grayson, the most intriguing was their mochi muffin. The small muffin, at around 3" in diameter, is topped with a mix of sesame seeds and has a toasted exterior. Unfortunately, the inside was not nearly as chewy as I expected – you could tell it was mochi, but the texture was dense, and the muffin overall ate a little stale. At least it wasn't overly sweet. 2.5/5.0

900grayson mochi cupcake 2.5