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Bernie's Best Organic Autumn's Best Apple Cider: I live very close to Cheeseboard in Berkeley and hadn't had their pizza since I moved in. On a whim back from running errands, and noticing there was a shorter line than normal, I stopped by this popular spot to re-taste the pizza I found exceptional five years earlier. To accompany the pizza, I grabbed an apple cider I hadn't seen before from their drinks fridge: Bernie's Best. The drink lists no nutrition facts, only that the cider is made fresh with apples from Pomo Tierra Orchards in Yorkville, CA. The pizza from Cheeseboard was surprisingly disappointing, with a lackluster crust reminding me of school cafeteria pizza and a very oily, cheesy coating. However, the apple cider was excellent and probably the best I've ever had, with a crisp and tart flavor yet satisfyingly sweet finish. I wouldn't go back for the pizza, but I will definitely be back for the apple cider. 5.0/5.0

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