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Chicha San Chen Osmanthus Oolong Tea with Boba: Was recommended this Taiwanese bubble tea chain from multiple people after they opened just their second US location in Bellevue WA (the first is in San Gabriel in LA). It's located in a small strip mall a block away from the Bellevue Square Mall and while it has a tight, busy parking lot, there is some additional parking down the street. The line was ridiculously long and it took about 30 minutes to place our order, and a little over 10 minutes to get our drinks. Overall, the atmosphere was chaotic, with lots of people in a tight queue winding to the cashier, and a confusing pass system (I watched as my tea sat on the pass for almost 10 minutes while our second order was being fulfilled). But my review is just about the drink itself, not the ordering experience –– sadly, the osmanthus oolong tea was subpar and definitely not worth the wait. I found my milk tea to be super ordinary, and the boba was overly soft and chewy. I also tried the organic milk with brown sugar bubble, which was way too sweet even at partial sweetness. Even without the wait, I would not considered this to be anything but average bubble tea (even Coco is better). 2.5/5.0

bubbletea milktea Bellevue seattle chichasanchen osmanthus oolong tea boba 2.5