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Jolibee Peach mango pie: Often when lots of people are effusive about something, I try not to learn too much about it beforehand so it doesn’t color my first impressions - like watching a trailer of a movie or reading a review of a novel. Jolibee is one of those establishments that has its own religion, so when I finally got to try it, I knew both that the fried chicken and mango peach pie were favorites but nothing more about them. I was surprised to find that the mango peach pie was fried, but in retrospect it’s not particularly unexpected. The outer pastry had the bubbly, flaky coating that can only come from a deep fried process, and the mango peach filling reminded me of del monte canned peaches combined with the mango flavor of Asian snacks (like those little gelatin cups that traditionally have lychee cubes inside but sometimes come in a mango flavor). It was really sweet and didn’t feel very good to eat - a high calorie item that doesn’t have a high flavor payoff. Now I know to stick with the fried chicken, which in the end didn’t strike me as much better than Popeyes. 2.5/5.0

jolibee peach mango pie 2.5