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Annie's Really Ranch Crackers with Hidden Veggies: I generally enjoy Annie's crackers and was excited to try this flavor I hadn't seen before. I've had many types of vegetable-based snacks, which seems to have expanded substantially over the past decade (cauliflower, chickpea, beets, etc.), but my flavor baseline for mixed veggie crackers is super basic: Nabisco's Vegetable Things, or veggie cream cheese. I was hoping for more of the latter with Annie's combination of veggies with ranch, and they did not disappoint. The texture of the crackers are basically the same as their standard Cheddar Bunnies but contain a mix of sweet potato, pumpkin, tomato, and carrot. The dusted ranch coating is not so much Hidden Valley as a lighter tangy buttermilk base. A solid combo of "healthy" and flavorful snacking. 3.5/5.0

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