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Happy Lemon Ube Green Tea Smoothie with Rock Salt Crema: Ube, green tea, and salted cream seemed like an unlikely combination, but one that I felt of all chains, Happy Lemon could probably pull off. This smoothie tastes much more of ube than green tea, and with its vivid Grimace purple color, it would be hard to know that it contained any matcha at all. The ube slush was rich and very filling, with a fairly mild flavor that's still immediately identifiable as ube. This was probably the best use of the rock salt crema I've had, which I've been somewhat skeptical of but worked fantastically well, especially the slight savoriness – if you haven't had it before, it's like a salted cream that has a tanginess that works well with sweet flavors, just as creme fraiche often works well with pies and other desserts. For me, the drink was perfectly balanced at their light sugar option (I think it's 25%). The boba, though, was clearly cooked in honey, which unfortunately gave it too strong of a sweet flavor for my taste. Would definitely recommend this drink without the boba as it's already indulgent on its own. 3.5/5.0

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