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Wanpo Tea Shop Black Rice & Taro with Coconut Milk: This is my second time getting a drink from this Taiwanese bubble tea shop, this time at their Shibuya location. Both times, the employees seemed to identify that I was Chinese and spoke to me in Mandarin, but I could barely cobble enough Chinese together to say that I didn't want the drink to be too sweet. This particular drink is almost like eating a dessert rather than a drink, containing more solid ingredients than liquid and reminding me of eating Taiwanese shaved ice, with its mix of taro mashed into a pulp, chewy pieces of jelly, and grains of black rice. Because of the relatively small amount of coconut milk, it was a bit hard to "drink" the beverage after just a few sips, as the straw was constantly plugged by the taro. At 50% sweetness, it was still quite sweet. I found their tea to be very good last time, so perhaps it's best to stick with their milk teas. 2.5/5.0

drinks wanpoteashop black rice taro coconut milk 2.5