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Trader Joe's PB&J Sack Duo Packs: This is another hand-picked snack selected by my sister and sent to Japan for me to review. It's a welcome reimagining of the classic sticks + dip combo but with novel components: cylindrical peanut butter wafer sticks similar to Pirouline paired with a raspberry jam dip. I really like the peanut butter wafers, which I would buy on their own – they have a definite peanut butter flavor, but not enough peanut butter texture to stick to your mouth, and it's also not so saturated in peanut butter flavor that you don't want to eat very many. The use of raspberry rather than strawberry jam is also an unexpected pairing, and the jam has a great sticky consistency that easily clings to the wafers. The copious raspberry seeds give it a nice crunchy texture. That being said, the jam is very very sweet (one pack has 20g of sugar). I definitely would feel less guilty if it didn't have so much sugar, but I still really liked the snack and bet it would have been a childhood favorite if I had it in my lunchbox. 4.0/5.0

recommended traderjoes pb&j sack duo packs 4.0