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McDonald's McShake x Doraemon Yogurt Shake: Doraemon is a much beloved Japanese cartoon character, a fixture of children's television and merchandising that is pretty impossible to escape in Japan. This year marks the cartoon's 50th anniversary, which has led to many partnerships and exclusive products. McDonald's in Japan currently has a line of celebratory Happy Meal Doraemon toys, but I opted for their special Doraemon yogurt milkshake; a small drink cost 120¥ or about $1 USD. I can't say I've actually had a shake from McDonald's before, but I have had a Frosty from Wendy's, and this drink is much thinner in texture but as a result easier to sip and consume. The drink has a pleasantly tart and very sweet yogurt flavor that is easy to find in Japan more generally, from kids drinks like Yakult to soft drinks like Calpico. I did find it to be a satisfyingly refreshing icy version of those drinks, consistently smooth in only a way that McDonald's can mass engineer. The drink comes in one of several character cups, featuring the main cast from the television show; pictured here is the female character Shiuka Minamoto. Worth a try if you're in Japan! 3.5/5.0

3.5 shake yogurt doraemon x mcshake mcdonalds japanese fastfood drinks recommended