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Excel Bottling Lucky Cola Club: Over the years, I've developed an unfortunate dependency on diet sodas, particular Coke Zeros, which always seem to be around offices that offer free beverages. I wouldn't say I like the taste, but there's something comforting about getting the same flavor no matter where you are in the world. I've gotten used to the sugar substitute aftertaste that dominates beverages from large corporates like Coca Cola. But this bottle, from 80-year-old independent bottler Excel Bottling, is different. I purchased it at The Coldest Beer in Town shop in Highland Park, Los Angeles when I went to Jeff's Table to get a pastrami sandwich. The drink comes in a glass bottle and has a deep red color similar to Cheerwine but is not nearly as sweet and doesn't really have much of a diet soda aftertaste though it's calorie free. It's like a more nuanced Dr. Pepper - less upfront but definitely combining spices you don't normally get in your everyday cola. Would definitely purchase again and would want to try other flavors from this company if I had access to them. 4.0/5.0

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