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Coca-Cola Strawberry Coke: I saw this bottle at Family Mart, and while I typically drink diet soda, I decided this was too interesting to pass on. Strawberry coke is a Japan-only product introduced only earlier this year in January. Since I enjoy cherry coke, I was interested in the soda giant’s take on a beloved fruit, particularly in Japan (I’ve seen several boxes of light pink strawberries going for an inordinate sum here). In color, the coke looks exactly the same as regular Coca-Cola, but the taste is undeniably strawberry. It’s ultra-concentrated, kind of like strawberry-flavored jellies you sometimes get in single-serving gelatin packs in Taiwan or China (where you squeeze the sides of the casing to eat the snack), but from trying ultra-fresh strawberries at, for example, markets in Scandinavia where they’re known for their strawberries, the flavor scientists really got it right: it tastes like a super juicy, fully ripen strawberry. Definitely worth a try if you are able to get a bottle in Japan. 4.0/5.0

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