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Pepperidge Farm Epic Crunch Ranch Goldfish: These baked crackers are about 25% bigger in size than normal Goldfish and are texturally crispier, though I wouldn't describe it as similar to a tortilla chip (which the packaging seems to claim). They're kind of like Ritz chips crackers, but with a more consistent thickness. The base of the Goldfish Epic Crunch crackers resembles original (plain) Goldfish with a slight corn flavor akin to a mild corn tortilla, and that neutral flavor is the predominant taste, even though they're seasoned with a ranch coating. I wasn't a fan of the ranch flavoring, which fell flat - it was neither creamy nor sharp. Just a so-so bag of crackers I would not purchase again. 2.5/5.0

pepperidgefarm epic crunch ranch goldfish 2.5