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Grocers Bottling Co Celery Soda: I've been finding it hard to write snack reviews recently, mostly because I haven't had the time to seek out specialty items that excite me and motivate me to keep writing. But I finally made it out to Court St Grocers in Carroll Gardens this weekend. I've been meaning to check out Court St Grocers ever since I tried their excellent soda offerings at BYGGYZ (RIP), my formerly favorite sandwich shop in NYC. Unfortunately, BYGGYZ didn't have all Grocers Bottling Co (a spin-out from Court St Grocers) drinks when I visited, and the main one I wanted to try after discovering this brand was their Celery Soda. At Court St Grocers, I purchased the celery soda to accompany their (excellent) meatloaf sandwich, and it was a perfect pairing. The drink is flavored with celery seed, lemon, and black pepper, and tastes remarkably true to the vegetable. It's sharp and cuts through any rich sandwich. It reminds me a bit of pickled celery that you sometimes find at an authentic Chinese restaurant. I'm not sure this flavor is for every one, but it is definitely for me – I really enjoyed it! 4.5/5.0

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