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Nature's Soy Black sesame soy milk: I love Asian soy milk, which tends to be a lot less sweet and taste of actual soybeans/tofu compared to American soymilk (there's a very good chapter on this in the book Organic inc.), so when I went to Hong Kong Supermarket in Chinatown NYC, I checked out the refrigerated, fresh soy milk options. This brand happened to have black sesame and matcha soymilk, two of my favorite flavors. Since the half gallons we're quite large and black sesame is a bit more unqiue for this category, I purchased the black sesame to try first. I'm really glad I bought it because it's great. The soymilk has a nutty flavor that tastes nothing like vanilla (thankfully), and the black sesame is unmistakable. It's more sweet than I would prefer but not offensively so. The consistency may be thin if you're accustomed to Silk. But this is overall a fantastic rendition of flavored Asian soymilk. A 4.0/5.0

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