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Grocers Bottling Co Original Soda: I've reviewed over 100 types of sodas on Tasty Snacking, so it's very rare for me to come across a beverage that has a completely unique flavor. This original soda from Grocer's is one of them. It combines fruit and vegetable juice like apple, carrot, and hibiscus, with spices and herbs like juniper, coriander, bay leaf, and sage, all with a slightly spicy aftertaste from the addition of chili pepper extract. It has a slightly aniseedy flavor that's expertly balanced and surprisingly delicious. The closest I can come to describing it is if you combined the warming flavors of a spiced fall beverage, minus the cinnamon, with a little bit of licorice. An unexpected drink that's absolutely worth trying for yourself. It's available at Court Street Grocers in Brooklyn, as well as several select shops in the borough. 4.5/5.0

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