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Nohohon Iced Matcha: I was really excited to finally try this small matcha shop on St Marks, where matcha beverages are whisked by hand to order. To judge the quality of the matcha alone, I opted for the iced matcha instead of their lattes. While I enjoyed the experience of entering the small storefront through their traditional Japanese Noren curtain and watching my beverage made, with hot water poured into the whisked matcha with a wooden ladle, the positives end there. The matcha was bitter with no complexity or balance, tasting like any basic matcha powder you might buy from a Japanese grocery store. And worse, it got even more unpleasant to drink over time, as it simultaneously became more potent from steeping yet slightly diluted from the ice. I had a really hard time finishing even half of it on my own. Definitely do not recommend. 1.0/5.0

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