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Snyder's Wholey Cheesy smoked gouda baked crackers: These crackers are shaped like swiss cheese but flavored predominantly by cheddar cheese followed by gouda (according the ordering of listed ingredients). They’re rectangular in shape and largely filled with air so that they easily shatter on initial bite. They’re fully flavored, with a smoky gouda flavor that has just a hint of the white cheddar powder of flavored Cheez-Its or boxed mac and cheese. Overall, they’re very tasty, but they do have one flaw: because they come in a resealable pouch, the air-pocket crackers end up becoming a pile of crumbs under any amount of gentle pressure (such as placing the pouch in a bookbag). If you’re extremely careful with handling the pouch, you will reap the full benefits of its textural offering Nonetheless, either way, it is an addictive cheesy snack. 3.5/5.0

3.5 crackers baked gouda smoked cheesy wholey snyders cheese recommended